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SynthV Studio scripts by Claire

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Scripts that automate a complex or continuous task.

Generate Key Reference - GenerateKeyReference.js

Apply Tempo from MIDI - ImportTempoMap.lua

Reads a MIDI file (default TempoMap.mid in the SVP location) and applies any tempo changes and time signatures to the current project. While it is normally only possible to create tempo markers at the start of the quarter ("on the beat"), this script is capable of adding tempo markers to other positions as dictated by the MIDI file. Gradual tempo changes are not supported by the MIDI file standard, and may cause odd results depending on how your DAW encodes them, if it does at all.

Start Live Preview - LivePreview.js

Monitors the notes and automatically plays a preview when something is changed.

Stepwise Tempo Change - StepwiseTempoChange.lua

Creates a linear stepwise tempo change between two measures.


Scripts which perform simple tasks intended to be hotkeyed to improve workflow and reduce reliance on the mouse.

Copy Lyrics - CopyLyrics.js

Copy Phonemes - CopyPhonemes.js

Copy Vibrato - CopyVibrato.js

Copies the selected note's vibrato settings (from the Note Properties panel) to the clipboard

Move Notes Down - MoveNotesDown.js

Move Notes Left - MoveNotesLeft.js

Move Notes Right - MoveNotesRight.js

Move Notes Up - MoveNotesUp.js

Move Playhead Left - MovePlayheadLeft.js

Move Playhead Right - MovePlayheadRight.js

Paste Lyrics - PasteLyrics.js

Paste Phonemes - PastePhonemes.js

Paste Vibrato - PasteVibrato.js

Paste the vibrato settings copied with CopyVibrato.js to the selected note

Preview Selection - PreviewSelection.js

Immediately plays the selected notes, then stops playback. Intended to quickly preview your changes without manually moving the playhead.

Scroll To Selection Center - ScrollToSelectionCenter.js

Scroll To Selection Start - ScrollToSelectionStart.js

Select All With Same Lyric - SelectAllWithSameLyric.js

Select All With Same Phonemes - SelectAllWithSamePhonemes.js

Select Next Note - SelectNext.js

Find Next With Same Lyric - SelectNextWithSameLyric.js

Find Next With Same Phonemes - SelectNextWithSamePhonemes.js

Select Previous Note - SelectPrevious.js

Find Prev With Same Lyric - SelectPreviousWithSameLyric.js

Find Prev With Same Phonemes - SelectPreviousWithSamePhonemes.js

Set Lyrics - SetLyrics.js

Set Phonemes - SetPhonemes.js

Zoom In - ZoomIn.js

Zoom Out - ZoomOut.js


"Regular" scripts which do not fall into the above categories.

Clone Parameter Curve - CloneParameterCurve.js

Clones a parameter curve of one type to a different type for the selection or entire track. For example, converting a tension curve to a vocal mode, or copying a pitch curve to a different track.

Delete Current Track - DeleteTrack.js

Duplicate Current Track - DuplicateTrack.js

Find Lyric - FindLyric.js

Find notes matching a specified lyric or phoneme sequence.

Move Selected Notes - MoveSelectedNotes.js

Select All With Lyric - SelectAllWithLyric.js

Select All With Phonemes - SelectAllWithPhonemes.js


Scripts by other people that I personally recommend. These are not my scripts, so the links direct to various external pages for download.

Lyric Entry Helpers by Hachinana - BowlRoll

RV Growl by hataori - GitHub

Scale Pitch by mac - SynthV Forums

Track Color Changer by Maiko - SynthV Forums

Transpose in Key by impbox (revised by nocore) - SynthV Forums


Scripts which are no longer useful or necessary in current verions of SynthV Studio. These scripts are not included in release packages and must be downloaded individually.

Generate Metronome - GenerateMetronome.js  (deprecated as of 1.8.0)